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“People often have no idea that they are eligible for grants, the amazing opportunities they present, and what needs to be done to secure them.”

Top 3 reasons to choose Write My Grant for all of your Grant Writing needs

  1. Fast, Efficient, and Reliable Grant Writing Process
    Our experience, expertise and proprietary system puts us in the unique position of being able to efficiently and reliably accelerate the grant writing process. We are proud to boast that when it comes to grant writing, the Write My Grant team can achieve more in a day than most others do in several weeks or months. With Write My Grant you can be confident knowing that your grant application deadlines will be comfortably met, and the quality of work will exceed your expectations.
  2. Industry and Sector Grant Writing Specialists give you the professional edge you need
    Write My Grant has a team of grant writers who specialise in different industries and sectors. Their in depth experience in a specific industry means they are familiar with its quirks, strengths, limitations and needs. They also understand the specific language pattern of a sector or industry and utilise that knowledge to effectively convey the correct message within your grant application.
  3. You’re presented with the best available grant opportunities for you and your organisation
    When it comes to grants there is a difference between ‘almost right’ and ‘exactly right’. That’s why at Write My Grant we thoroughly research and evaluate not only the grant you are considering… we also assess alternative grants that could prove to be both a better fit and more likely to result in your grant application being successful.

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What are your Grant Writing needs?


Higher Education and Research

The education, academia and health and medical research industries are constantly evolving with new technologies and major scientific and medical discoveries. Further research and adaptation for growth require funding. You and your institution could be in a position to benefit from grants from major funding bodies such as ARC, NHMRC, MRFF and alternate funding bodies such as The Wellcome Trust or Gates Foundation.



Not for Profits

As a Not For Profit you may be eligible for a wide range of state and federal government schemes. Your organisation may also fit nicely within the CSR Budget requirements of a large corporation, helping them to fulfill their philanthropic goals of making a positive impact on society and/or the environment.



Commercial Development

Is your commercial venture looking for a grant to assist you to innovate your products and services? Or are you part of a startup searching for government funding to launch your new business? From R&D Tax Incentive Grants through to Innovation Connection Grants and Accelerating Commercialisation Grants, let us find the right grant for your needs.