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“An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument.”
Robert A. Rice Jr.

A great symphony requires an orchestra of outstanding and dedicated musicians who have refined their talents at playing their specific musical instruments.

Experience has taught us that an excellent grant writing service also requires a team of dedicated and talented specialists who can create great harmony between the needs of the applicant and that of the funder.

Industry Knowledge

Over the years the team at Write My Grant became aware of shortfalls within the services that grant writers were offering. Many commercial ventures and academia circles were missing out on valuable grant opportunities simply because grant submissions were prepared by third-parties who lacked industry-specific knowledge in those sectors.

Without an understanding of your industry or the sector, how can someone write about your organisation? How can they ‘sell’ your mission statement, describe your key demographic, highlight the challenges within your industry that the grant funding will help you solve, or offer the unique insights that only someone with industry experience can share?

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Industry and Sector Specialists will write your grant application

Write My Grant has a team of grant writers who specialise in different industries and writing for the different sectors. This means they have in depth experience in a segment of the economy and understand its idiosyncrasies, strengths, limitations and needs. They also understand the language of the sector and can use it effectively to convey the correct message in your grant application.

With our wide range of experience and industry knowledge you can be sure you’ll also receive the right advice on which funding sources are suitable, as well as prepare a grant application that showcases your project or organisation.

While Write My Grant’s main focus is grant writing, we do offer some advisory work and guidance on grant applications.

Time and Personnel Challenges

Finding the time and right personnel to research, collate and compile a grant submission is often a challenge for organisations. Some attempt the process, struggle to adhere to the deadlines, and agonise over the standard achieved. The initial enthusiasm often results in disillusionment and an abandoned project.

Write My Grant will free up your time, deliver a high quality grant submission quickly, and reduce the stress on you and your organisation!

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More than just a Grant Application

A grant application isn’t just a matter of stating facts and figures – it’s also about weaving a story within that data… your story. Here at Write My Grant we understand that you are passionate about your project, and will do our best to reflect that within the application. We promise to make your story interesting and entice the funding body to read further. Write My Grant will highlight your key points of difference, and convince the reader that you and your project are worthy of the grant.

Write My Grant’s unique process

Write My Grant has developed an efficient and reliable system that allows us to dot each i and cross each t. All documentation necessary for the success of your submission will be included to further support your message, as well as quantify budgets and business plans.

Our system also allows us to remain up-to-date with changes in budget allocations and grant offerings. We stay attuned to what the government’s and funding sector’s priorities are to ensure these issues are covered within your application. This adds further value to your submission.

Communication within your grant application will be professional, clear and concise, and with our system you’ll be rewarded with a high quality grant application.

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Your Grant Submission

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