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Top 5 Hurdles When Applying For a Startup Grant

Reason 1: Lack of Track Record An important reason why many applicants fail to gain grants is due to a lack of marketable milestones or past successes. I've spoken to many people who have presented the latest and most innovative ideas. However, the reviewing committees will frequently fund an applicant based on tangible or quantitative [...]

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Understanding the Corporate Social Responsibility Structure

Not For Profits can benefit greatly from the accountability structure known as the CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility generally means that corporations or organisations have a degree of responsibility for the social and environmental impact and economic consequences of their activities. There are various terms used to describe the initiatives stemming from [...]

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National Health and Medical Research Council

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is Australia's leading funding body for medical research. Its aim is to promote the development and maintenance of health standards. The NHMRC brings together the functions of research funding and development of advice, utilising resources from all components of the health system including government, medical practitioners, research [...]

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Cooperative Research Centres

The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program is an Australian Federal Government program established in 1990. It is a competitive, merit based grant program that supports and develops an industry-led and outcome-focused collaborative research partnership between industries, researchers and the community. The CRC Program is administered by the Commonwealth Department of Industry and Science and was [...]

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