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“Federal funding for biomedical sciences plays a critical role in training the next generation of scientists.”
Carol W. Greider

Depending on your aims and needs in the Higher Education and Research Sector there is a wide range of grants and funding schemes available. Having a diversified funding strategy to manage risk is required achieve the funding you need to keep your research moving forward and accelerate outcomes.

Writing high-quality grants to increase your chances of success takes time and expertise. Having worked with scientists and clinicians for a long time, the Write My Grant team know how challenging it can be to fit in writing a quality grant or funding application. We have a team of experienced and professional grant writers to help you with defining your funding strategy and then executing upon the grants you wish to apply for, including;

  • National Health and Medical Research grants
  • Australian Research Council grants
  • Medical Research Future Fund grants
  • Other Granting Bodies (e.g. Heart Foundation, Cancer Council etc)
  • Large collaborative grants (e.g. Program Grants, Centres of Excellence, Cooperative Research Centres etc)
  • Internal Business cases for funding (e.g. internal to your Institution)
  • Philanthropic grants and funding applications (e.g. foundations, corporate social responsibility, family offices and high net worth individuals)
  • International Funding applications (e.g. Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation)

The funds available for competitive research grants form a large portion of the monetary allocation within the overall grants sector. The number of applications for competitive grants has grown substantially over recent years – so to say grant applications for this type of funding is extremely competitive is an understatement!

Your grant submission needs to be incredibly thorough, future-paced to consider all mindset variables of the reader, and add just enough ‘life’ to help you and your organisation to outshine the often ‘sterile’ and dull grant submission that funding bodies are forced to sift through.

This is just one of the reasons why many Higher Education and Research Institutions and Commercial Ventures that seek to fund for research purposes outsource their grant submission activities to third-parties. The time and effort involved with researching, preparing, liaising with the funding body, submitting the application and then managing the acceptance process for the grant are extreme. It becomes a full-time process that many organisations lack the time and personnel to support. Clinicians and researchers want and need to be in the lab or in the clinic pursuing the next breakthrough, not spending all of their time writing grants.

Another factor to consider is that many Research Funding Schemes have complex application submission processes. It is imperative that the grant writer knows each grant body’s selection criteria and has in depth knowledge of the funder’s internal processes – and this is why having a specialist in grant writing for your specific sector is invaluable.

Write My Grant has specific team members who specialise in writing grants for a wide range of industries including health, medicine, science, manufacturing, information and communication technology, energy and environmental. With a mix experience including PhD qualified academics, industry experience and government, you can be confident knowing we have a history of preparing successful funding submissions and grant applications. We have also formulated a system that enables us to effectively research and write your grant application quickly while maintaining the highest standard.

Write My Grant also stays up-to-date with the continual changes within the grant space. As bills move through parliament, standards in sectors are overhauled, and reviews of current policies make streamlining a necessity it has a ripple affect across the fund seeking community. For example, the recent Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program has overhauled the way in which Health and Medical Research Grants are distributed. Write My Grant’s system enables us to immediately know of such changes and to prepare our clients to adapt and capture the opportunities that come from such changes.

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