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“People often have no idea that they are eligible for grants, the amazing opportunities they present, and what needs to be done to secure them.”


Discovering Your Aims

Your first step towards securing the grant funding you need is to contact Write My Grant. You can do this by simply giving us a call on 02 8091 6011 or by filling in the form on the contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Write My Grant process begins with an analysis of your aims and objectives to discover what you do and what you want to do.

Researching the Possibilities

Once we know exactly what industry you are in, what project, product or service you plan to support with a grant, and what you wish to achieve, the Write My Grant team will commence research. We’ll not only discover which grants you are eligible for, we’ll also work out which of those grants best help you achieve your goals.

The advice of industry specialists within the Write My Grant team is invaluable during this process – and this is what sets us apart from other grant writing providers. We are often frustrated when we hear of research facilities, Not For Profits and business ventures missing out on grant opportunities simply because they were not provided with guidance specific to their industry about which funding source to apply for.

We want to help you secure the best grants specific to your needs so you can take your organisation or project to the next level.


Your Grant Opportunities

Write My Grant will detail which grants we recommend for you and your organisation. Our clients are often delighted to find we also recommend grants that they had not even considered – and which prove to be more practical, lucrative and suitable for their needs.

After discussing the options and you’ve agreed upon a particular grant or grants you would like us to prepare applications for, we will supply you with an estimate of a fee for service that is a good fit for your budget. If you are a Startup and using the grant to assist with launching your business, then our ‘share the risk’ payment model maybe of interest to you.

Upon receipt of this fee Write My Grant will commence work on your grant application project.


Preparing Your Grant Application

You can be confident knowing that the Write My Grant team member working on your project has a history of successful submissions, in depth experience in your industry, and dedicated full-time to creating an application that will have a positive impact on its readers.

Using Write My Grant’s reliable and efficient system, your application will be prepared quickly and the grant application deadline will be strictly adhered to. And while we may occasionally request clarification of certain things, or ask for further documentation for certain parts of the application, please know we will do our best to minimise the amount of interruptions for you.

Once Write My Grant has completed the application to your satisfaction, we will request the balance of the final fee for service.

Submitting Your Grant Application

While you (or someone with the authority within your organisation) is required to submit your application, Write My Grant is available to help you with the process.

Further Support

After your grant application has been successful, Write My Grant can still be of assistance – by introducing you to our partner organisation, Chrysalis Advisory. The team at Chrysalis Advisory can provide support to help you execute your strategy or align your team to utilise your grant funds as per the application.

Concerned About Grant Submission Deadlines?

Please contact us to find out how we can help you by writing your next grant.

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